4 hurt in Westport shooting

Sunday, May 20, 2007
4 hurt in Westport shooting

Happened near 39th and Broadway about 3 a.m. Here’s what gets me — and it happens more often than it should in cases like this — hundreds of people were nearby when the shooting happened. Police say practically nobody stayed to give them any info.

KCPD’s official release: At about 3 am on Sunday morning, officers were at 39th and Broadway directing traffic out of the area from the weekend Westport crowd when they heard 12 to 13 gun shots.  One of the officers looked up and saw a man in his 20′s falling near the Walgreen parking lot.

Another man in his 20′s was walking toward the officer saying he had been shot.  When officer checked on the man who had fallen, they discovered he had been shot in the head.  Both men were transported to an area hospital for treatment of their injuries.  The one who fell had injuries that are considered life threatening and the other man had non-life threatening injures.

While officers were clearing the area they found a car a few blocks from the scene with several bullet holes in the car and blood on the interior (Dodge Charger).  No victims were found inside the vehicle, however, 2 other males showed up at an area hospital claiming they had been shot.  The men believe their shooting took place near 39th and Broadway as well but we are unsure at this time if they are connected to the Dodge. Despite several hundred people being at the scene of the shooting, very few people stayed to provide detectives details of what happened. Investigators need anyone with information to call the TIPS hotline at 816.474.8477.

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