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Christopher Bartholomew

Organ donor

1985 — 2007

Chris was in the prime of his life, had a good job and was attending college to become a police officer someday. He loved sports, playing video games, skiing, music, taking care of his F-150, swimming, and spending time with his family and friends. Chris had a smile that was contagious and always left you with a big warm hug.

In the early morning hours of May 20th, 2007, 21 year-old Christopher Bartholomew, was with friends at 39th and Broadway in Kansas City.

Chris was going to give friends a ride home. At that same time an argument erupted nearby between two groups of men and shots were fired.

Christopher and his friends were not involved. Chris grabbed one of the people near him in an attempt to pull them to safety and was struck by a stray bullet. Chris died from his injuries the next day.

Chris’s mother Misty donated his organs so that he may live on in others. Chris is unforgettable to his family and friends. We will forever mourn the loss of this wonderful, bright, kind, funny, and loving young man who is now our HERO.

Did You Know?

Things you may not know about Christopher:

  • Kansas City Chiefs football
  • Kansas City Royals baseball
  • loved sports in general!
  • LOVED his silver f-150
  • enjoyed skiing, music, spending time with his family and friends.

More things you may not know about Christopher:

  • Born in: Kansas City, MO
  • Lived in: Kansas City, MO


  1. Lauren S says:

    I didnt get the chance to know Chris, but i do know his sweet mother and i just want to say how strong she is! She never gives up and never gives up hope. This is the definition of a REAL mother. I just know your son is so proud and looking after your family every day! Love you

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