Police Hope Website Helps Bring Justice in Cold Case

March 4, 2011

Kansas City Missouri Police and the family of a man killed in a 2007 Midtown shooting are hoping that a website will help to bring his killers to justice.

Chris Bartholomew was shot on May 20, 2007, near 39th and Broadway when he apparently got caught in the crossfire of a gun battle between rival street gang members while he and some friends were walking to his car. He died the next day.

Batholomew’s mother, Misty Kirwan, is hoping that a new website will help bring justice and closure in the case.

“This time of year is very hard,” said Kirwan. “I didn’t get to see him get married, have kids, I missed all that.”

Since his death nearly four years ago, Kirwan has worked to keep his memory alive. Shortly after the homicide, flyers went up all over 39th and Broadway urging witnesses to come forward. Now, anyone with a computer can help to solve this and other cold-cases and unsolved homicides.

“The website is huge,” said Det. Danny Phillips with the KCPD. He is the cold case detective assigned to Bartholomew’s case, and he says that the case is solvable.

“Being cold doesn’t mean that there’s no idea in the world who’s involved, their just not close enough, and sometimes having time to work those cases you can develop what you need to get it done,” said Phillips, who says that just a few minutes on the website could lead to a recalled memory that could bring justice and closure to a grieving family.

“I know people know something, there are people out there that know what happened that night and know who did it and won’t come forward,” said Kirwan.

Phillips says that he understands Kirwan’s frustration.

“If somebody was with the person they believe was responsible for taking Chris’ life, I wanna hear about it,” said Phillips. “I’m not interested in hurting them, I need their help, I want that person that pulled the trigger.”

For more information on KCPD Cold Cases, click here: http://www.kcpd.org

For more information on the Chris Bartholomew case, click here: http://www.chrisrbartholomew.com

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