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  1. You can help Campaign!!! Chris case to air on America’s Most Wanted!!!

  2. You can Help!!! Campaign to get Chris’s case on America’s Most Wanted!

  3. Bert Kasper says:

    Praying for Chris Bartholomews family. Justice for Chris.

  4. I love & miss you Christopher!!

  5. Nora McClain says:

    Misty I admire your hard work. I’m Behind you 100%. I don’t have a computer, so I use the one at the center of hope church where I volunteer at. I would like to see Chris’s story on america’s most wanted. Larry still has a hard time with this. So keep up the good work. There will be justice one day. Stay strong, we pray for chris everyday. Nora McClain.

  6. Saw a reward billboard near 12th Street downtown. Thinking of you and praying for your family.

  7. I would like to pay my respect to Chris’ mother. I happened to be looking up my grandsons win in his wrestling match and came across this site.. My son and grandson are both named Chris Bartholomew. I read the story of what happened and my heart breaks for you..NO parent should EVER have to lose a child in such a violent way. You are in my prayers. God Bless Misty Kirwan.

  8. chris mcqueen says:

    Mist I am so sorry that our justice system cannot find out what happened I just wish that this will never happen to anyone else I pray for peace in your heart and my love goes out to you God will always be there with you again I am truly sorry for your loss.

  9. Misty, I admire all you are doing. Am sorry that this ever happened, just remember that in time god will catch these people and punish them to no end. Someday the people will be caught and then you can have some kind of closure. Would like to see them publish this on Walsh’s site soon.

  10. Cousin you will never be forgotton.

  11. Misty, I am so sorry for your loss. Getting to know you only makes me realize what a remarkable person that Chris was, and like my brother, for some reason God needed them more than us. Love you lady, However the time for justice is way overdo.

  12. Misty, I think that was the hardest thing i ave ever watched. I no one day the person or person’s behind the death of Chris will be caught. My heart hurt’s for you i cant evern think of life without my boy’s and then your’s is gone. That just hurt’s you are a strong Very strong Mom i am behind you 100% lt get this person behind Bar for Chris

  13. Mark Starks says:

    Its been 6 years man. Its been a long 6 years, but i know you are looking over us. I miss you every day more and more. Wish you were there for my wedding or when my daughter will be born. All i know is you have alot of people down here thinking about you and missing you. I miss you and love you man.

  14. Mark Starks says:

    Where has the time gone?
    It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long
    Within an instant you were taken from us
    Many questions were left unanswered

    Not a day has gone by
    That you haven’t crossed my mind
    As the seconds turn to minutes and minutes to hours
    I keep hoping it gets better in time

    You were someone I could count on
    Always there to lend a hand
    With one heart wrenching phone call
    That all came to an end

    You are up there somewhere
    Looking down on us now
    Asking yourself the exact same question,
    Where has the time gone?

  15. I am sorry for loss. I lost my only child on April 5, 2014. I would like to be able to collaborate since we are members of a club that no asked to join. mlw

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