Nathan Buie & DeMarco Harvey

DeMarco Harvey

DeMarco Harvey

Nathan Buie Jr

On July 23rd, 2006, just after 1:00 in the morning, Kansas City, Missouri police officers were investigating a traffic accident at 82nd Terrace and Wornall as a party was breaking up at a nearby fraternal lodge meeting hall.  As the crowd came out to the parking lot a fight erupted between two groups affiliated with Ruskin and Hickman Mills High Schools.  It apparently involved an ongoing dispute.

Suddenly several shots were fired from within the crowd.  As police rushed toward the scene, the crowd scattered, running for safety.  Police found Nathan Buie and DeMarco Harvey, both 20 years old, on the ground, suffering from mortal gunshot wounds.  From all accounts neither man was involved in the fight and were college students and innocent victims.  Several other people received non-life threatening wounds.

Police found several empty shell casings of various calibers and two guns at the scene.  It was obvious that several people in the crowd had fired guns.  As is often the case in these situations, however, police found it difficult to get witnesses to cooperate and the case remains unsolved.

A cash reward is awaiting the caller whose information leads to an arrest in this double murder case.

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